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Electronics & Communication Engineering Department consists of E.D.C., Pulse and Digital Circuits, Analog and Digital Communication Laboratory, Micro Processors, Micro Controllers, advanced laboratories like E-CAD Laboratory, DSP Laboratory, Microwave and Optical Communication  Laboratories etc. All the laboratories are provided as per the norms of J.N.T.U. from 1st year to Final year. Simulation software, which is available, provides right environment for the students to do their project work.
Computer Science & Engineering Department consists of Computer Programming Laboratory, C,C++, Interfacing through Micro Processors Laboratory, System Programming Laboratory, Language Processor Laboratory, DBMS Laboratory, Visual Programming Laboratory, JAVA Laboratory, Computer Networks laboratory and ONLINE EXAMINATION Laboratory  as per the norms of J.N.T.U.  There are 516 Computers and Software like HTML, TASAM, JAVA, VB, VC++, ORACLE,  UNIX, IBM Rational Rose  etc. is available.

All the 5 departments are teamed with well-qualified and experienced teaching staff of 52 members in the ratio of 1:15 as per the norms of A.I.C.T.E. All the technical staff are well qualified. Institution is provided with Physical Director with qualification M.Ped.,

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